Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tweet-Along Event

As the spooky season gets into full swing, we’ve got the perfect events for fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. On Tuesday, October 29th we’ll be taking part in a very special Halloween Tweet-Along watching the classic season two episode Halloween. More than two decades after it launched, Buffy (and Angel) remains as popular as ever with a legion of new fans discovering the show every year.

Kicking off at 8pm next Tuesday (29th October), we’ll be tweeting along with Season 2’s Halloween Episode – a fan favourite of the entire show. To take part, simply use the hashtag #BuffyHalloween, which couldn’t be simpler. As a bonus, throughout the event, the organisers will be giving away a selection of Halloween DVDs and other prizes, so make sure you’re using #BuffyHalloween with all your Tweets. If you’ve taken part in a Halloween Tweet-along before then you’ll know first hand it’s a great event filled with geek laced conversations with like-minded fans. So, grab Mr Pointy, gather your Scooby Gang, locate your season two box set (or head on to Amazon Prime if you have a subscription).

If you fancy putting your Buffy The Vampire Slayer knowledge to the test, try our Big Bad Buffy Quiz, or one of our other great Buffy/Angel themes quizzes. We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday the 29th at 8pm.

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