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Films coming Soon…

machine gun preacher posterThis time of year is usually the dumping ground for films that would of struggled against the titans of the summer. There are always some hidden gems and here are a few more films to consider as we hurtle towards the Christmas season.
Monsters Ball and Quantum Of Solace director Marc Foster is the man at the helm for Machine Gun Preacher, it might sound like a Grindhouse movie but it’s actually an action/drama. Gerald Butler stars as the former drug dealing biker who finds God only to have to turn to violence to save a group of children.

Hugh Jackman stars in futuristic boxing drama, Real Steel. Directed by Shawn Levy *(both Night at the Museum movies and Date Night), the story sees Jackman train a boy and his boxing robot for a title fight. Not sure what to make of the trailer.

Out this week is The Killer Elite, Jason Statham stars as retired ‘Elite Special Forces’ Danny who battles his way through chairs, explosions and Clive Owen in order to save his mentor played by Robert De Niro. It looks suitably daft and therefore should be fun, however there is no need for a mustache like Clive Owen’s, even if you are the bad guy.

And finally – Daniel Craig,  Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz star in Jim Sheridan’s creepy thriller Dream House. After they move their family into a new house, the Atenton’s (Craig and Weisz – this was the movie they met on before marrying in real life) start to discover the brutal crimes that took place there by the previous residents. The plot might sound tired but Sheridan is a good director (In America) and it’s unusual to see Craig in a horror film of any kind. Nothing like a good chiller in the winter months.


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