GREAT SCOT! Today, October 21st, is Back to the Future Day, the date Marty McFly originally travels to the past, and chance for fans to celebrate the classic sci-fi comedy films – and tomorrow, the legendary actor Christopher Lloyd, who plays Doc Brown in the films, celebrates his birthday. If that wasn’t enough, Scalextric has produced the iconic Time Machine from the films for you to race – all the way back to the 1980s!

Back To The Future Day was first celebrated in 2015 and has seen fans dress up as Marty and Doc, raise money for charity, attend special screenings of the film and even drive real Time Machines – what better way for you to spend the day than sling on your trainers and bodywarmer and race the Scalextric Time Machine round the track?

In the Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Race Setthe sleek and sturdy Time Machine has a working flux capacitor and front and rear lightsand the patented magnatraction system helps the car to stay on the track, with powerful magnets in the chassis provide extra traction and downforce, reducing the amount of skidding and crashing. Combining stylish retro Scalextric branding with the superbly detailed vehicles rigged with cool new functions, the set is packed with an array of amazing features and some seriously fun surprises – all at 88 miles per hour! Well, no actually 88 miles per hour, but it’s fast!

Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Race Set is available to order HERE

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