Charlie Day Wouldn’t Want To Make More Sunny Without Glenn Howerton

There are some spoilers for the season twelve finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

We already know that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be back for seasons thirteen and fourteen, but it remains unclear if all of the gang will be back.

After twelve seasons and some of the funniest Television ever made, It’s Always Sunny dealt fans a shocking blow during the closing moments of the finale. Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) seemingly left Philly to live in North Dakota to be a father to his estranged son (it’s a comedy). Naturally, fans expected Dennis to have given up on being a parent by the time season thirteen arrived, but news soon followed that Glenn Howerton might not be returning.

Howerton landed a pilot episode for a new NBC comedy series, AP Bio, alongside Patton Oswalt. Speaking to The Huffington Post, Sunny’s Charlie Day spoke openly about the situation.

“We really never want to do the show without Dennis. There is a possibility that maybe we would have Dennis in part of a season, not a complete season. I think we would still do a great season.

There is a possibility that we have Dennis for an entire season, which would be fantastic. You know, we’ll see what happens with [Glenn’s] show, but I personally would not want to do the show without Dennis. And talking with Glenn, I know he still has a lot of love for the show and wants to do the show. I imagine we’ve not seen the last of Dennis Reynolds.

The part of Day’s comments that concern me is the mention that he wouldn’t want to make the show without Howerton, while I respect the loyalty, I can’t imagine Sunny without Dennis and Charlie. A season with some Dennis is better than a season with no Dennis, and that’s a scientifically proven fact.

The bittersweet upside is that Sunny is taking a year off and won’t be back until early 2019. So, there’s every chance that the whole gang will be reuniting for more low down shenanigans. That said, the increasingly busy schedules of the cast will likely mean that the next two seasons are the last. #Twentyseasonsandtwomovies.

If I had to pick one short scene that best sums up the gang and what they’re all about, well, I would have about fifty, but this one has a song and captures the essence of these fine human beings.

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