Choose or Die Trailer

Netflix has just released the first trailer for their forthcoming horror thriller, Choose or Die, and it might just put you off those choose your own adventure book you kids are so into these days. 

A young student finds an old 80s survival computer game in the hope of winning the $100,000 prize money that was never claimed. However, before you can say Jumanji, all sorts of horrific things start happening, it becomes clear that the prize in this game is staying alive. As we may never get another season of Black Mirror, we have to take our bleak stories about evil technology where we can find them. Previously titled CURS>R, the debut trailer looks like it could be a lot of fun, and we don’t have long to wait as it lands on Netflix in just a couple of weeks.

Starring Asa Butterfield, Iola Evans, Eddie Marsan and Robert Englund, Choose or Die is released on Netflix on April 15; check out the trailer below. 

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