Christmas Gets Bloody in First All Is Bright Trailer

The first full trailer for the new Christmas horror movie All Is Bright has landed. From the makers of Billy and The War From Tomorrow comes an all-new festive fright-fest just in time for Christmas! Much like every Christmas TV advert for the last 20 years, All Is Bright uses a chilling version of Silent Night for its effective first trailer.

“Returning home for the holidays for the first time in years, a young family is reminded that the past will always catch up to you in the end, no matter how long you try to escape it. Home truly is where the horror lives.”

While I’m 100% onboard with the movie, it might upset you (or please you, depending on how much you enjoyed the trailer) to discover that all is not quite as it seems. Once again, those stock footage loving folks over at The Stock Footage Sketch Show are showing just what you can do with an annual subscription to a well-known stock footage website. That’s right; All Is Bright is not a real forthcoming movie, well, unless Not Really A Flix becomes a thing in the future. Considering that there seems to be a streaming service for everything, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. That said, one clever geek took the time to curate all the fake movies and TV shows featured in a real movie or TV show.

Be warned, you might spend hours on Nestflix, but it is well worth the time. To catch up with the latest series of The Stock Footage Sketch Show check out their YouTube Channel here.

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