Coming soon… The Raven, A Dangerous Method and more

After the brilliance of The Avengers trailer there has been a shortage of exciting new films to look forward to. Thankfully at least a couple of interesting looking films have caught our attention. First up is The Raven, John Cusack stars as Edger Allen Poe in a fictionalised account of the author’s last few days. In what looks like a mix between Sherlock Holmes and Seven with a dash of From Hell – Poe hunts down a serial killer who is obsessed with his work.

It’s directed by James McTeigue who previous work includes Ninja Assassin (boo) and V For Vendetta (meh), before that he was 1st AD on The Matrix Trilogy. Cusack is always watchable and I’m a sucker for a good serial killer movie. Fingers crossed.

Next up is David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, in an usual choice for the director the film tells the story of the relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud and how psychoanalysis was born. Starring Michael Fassbender (Jung) Viggo Mortensen (Freud) and Keira Knightly, it’s a complex story to tell but Cronenberg is more than up to the task.

And finally low budget found footage movie Chronicle, it’s a horror of sorts but with a neat super powers twist. Three high school friends develop abilities after an incident underground, as they embrace their new powers they also embrace the darker sides of themselves. Whilst it’s a found footage movie the special effects look impressive and it’s spin on a tired genre is quite intriguing. It’s already starting to cause a stir on youtube and twitter, so expect to be hearing more and more about it in the run up to it’s release early next year.

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