Day of the Dead TV Series Sets Home Entertainment Release

Audiences’ appetite for zombie movies and TV shows is as ravenous and relentless as the flesh-eating monsters themselves. With no shortage of new offerings from The Walking Dead, and Resident Evil, the time is right for a stone cold classic to get the TV series treatment.Inspired by the zombie universe of legendary filmmaker George A. Romero, comes a brand new story and must-watch series for horror fans. 

Day of the Dead takes place in a small town where an ordinary day takes a terrifying turn when the dead begin to rise. Townspeople Mayor Bowman is up for re-election, Jai is hours away from his wedding, Luke has a party to attend, Lauren is going to lead a funeral, McDermott has a mystery to solve, and Cam has a lawn to mow. This ode to Romero’s flesh-eaters is a reminder that sometimes all it takes to bring people together is a horde of hungry zombies trying to rip them apart.

Dazzler Media presents Day of the Dead on Blu-ray, DVD & Download-to-Own from September 5th.


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