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people-joss-whedonWe can’t begin to describe the relief we felt reading the press statement confirming Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, was 100% true. The micro budget black and white movie was shot entirely on location in Santa Monica, in just 12 days!

The press release goes on to explain about Bellwether Films, the production company behind the film. Recently set up by Joss and Kai Cole they are a self labelled micro-studio that will be; “embracing a DIY ethos and newer technologies for, in this particular case, a somewhat older story.” He goes onto say; “The text to me is a deconstruction of the idea of love which is ironic, since the entire production is a love letter, to the text, to the cast, even to the house it’s shot in.”

Whedon is hoping the movie will be screened at film festivals next year, so no word yet on when we might be seeing the updated version of Shakespeare’s classic. It still begs the questions of how did he find the time? and how did he get that cast for a micro budget. Well he pretty much answered that in the press release as well;

all dedicated to the idea that this story bears retelling, that this dialogue is as fresh and intoxicating as any being written, and that the joy of working on a passion project surrounded by dear friends, admired colleagues and an atmosphere of unabashed rapture far outweighs their hilariously miniature paychecks.”

Next year we are being spoilt rotten with Whedon’s projects, he provides the script for the long delayed Cabin in The Woods which stars Amy Acker and Chris Hemsworth. Then there’s the small matter of The Avengers, and maybe, just maybe if we are all extra good a sequel to the brilliant Dr Horrible’s sing along blog. In Joss we trust.

Confirmed Cast and Characters

Amy Acker – Beatrice
Alexis Denisof – Benedick
Nathan Fillion – Dogberry
Clark Gregg – Leonato
Reed Diamond – Don Pedro
Fran Kranz – Claudio
Sean Maher – Don John
Spencer Treat Clark – Borachio
Riki Lindhome – Conrade
Ashley Johnson – Margaret
Emma Bates – Ursula
Tom Lenk – Verges
Nick Kocher – First Watchman
Brian McElhaney – Second Watchman
Joshua Zar – Leonato’s aide
Paul M. Meston – Friar Francis
Romy Rosemont – The Sexton
And introducing Jillian Morgese as Hero

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