Die Hard 6 Is Happening and It Might Be A Prequel


Proving that a truly awful sequel doesn’t mean the end of your franchise (yeah you Transformers), Die Hard 6 is in the early stages of development, and it might be a prequel.

According to Deadline, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and director Len Wiseman are pursuing a prequel set in the late 70s. Bruce Willis is still expected to appear and will bookend the movie, this means that a new actor will take on the iconic role of McClane. Naturally, we’re all thinking Joseph Gordon-Levitt as he did a fine job on Looper playing the young version of Willis’ character. Then again, who cares. A Good Day To Die Hard was a joke, aside for Jai Courtney doing what Jai Courtney does in every movie, the whole sorry mess wasn’t even on par with a Van Damme DTV project.

Despite the bad reviews, A Good Day To Die Hard still made more than $300 million worldwide and a sixth movie was threatened shortly after part five came out. The end results were a fucking state. Our once beloved McClane was now Willis on autopilot with none of that trademark charm he was famed for. The character had morphed from tough cop into a parody of himself, not even some swears and a bit of violence could lift Die Hard 5 from being hatefully bad. So, with all due respect to Len Wiseman (the uncut Die Hard 4 is pretty good, seriously), I couldn’t give a fig about Die Hard 6. Make a prequel, make two, hell just set in in space and find a way to merge it with Fast and Furious 11.  Furious Hard? The Hard and The Furious? Die Fast? At least one of those sounds like a porn parody.

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