Emma Watson Stars In New Trailer For Colonia


Inspired by real life events, Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl star in the 70s set thriller that sees a young couple fight for survival after they become unwitting members of a dangerous cult. Directed by Florian Gallenberger, Colonia was well received at the various film festivals it played at last year with particular praise for former Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

In a similar way that Kevin Smith’s Red State presented itself as a straight-up thriller that kept changing direction (to great effect), Colonia starts off looking like a generic political thriller, but midway through the trailer a dark right turn changes the game. Colonia is still without a US distributor and will likely be surfacing on VOD with a limited theatrical release. Germany will get to see it first when Colonia arrives in cinemas next month, we’ll keep you posted on when the UK gets a chance to see the movie. Check out the trailer below.

Chile, 1973. Lufthansa flight attendant Lena (Emma Watson) is in Santiago to visit her boyfriend, Daniel (Daniel Brühl), a talented graphic artist creating images in support of embattled President Salvador Allende. When Allende is violently ousted, General Augusto Pinochet’s forces begin rounding up dissidents. Daniel is taken to the remote stronghold of Colonia Dignidad (“Dignity Colony”), home to a secret agricultural commune and crypto-fascist sect led by sinister minister Paul Schäfer (Michael Nyqvist). Daniel is interrogated and tortured, but feigns severe mental deterioration to stay alive. Valiant and wily, Lena travels to Colonia and offers herself up to Schäfer as a follower. She is determined to find and free Daniel — but first she must ensure that she herself can survive Schäfer’s crushingly oppressive, viciously misogynistic practices.

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