Ever Wondered What Tom Cruise Would Look Like As Iron Man?

Before Robert Downey Jr pulled off the career turnaround of all time, Tom Cruise was the studios’ first choice to play Tony Stark. Thankfully, the right choice was made with Downey Jr cementing his status as the ultimate comeback king. Now that his (SPOILER ALERT) time with the MCU is over, Collider has taken the What If Tom Cruise was Iron Man question, and turned it into Deepfake Theatre.

The video above showcases what the MCU might have looked like if Tom Cruise had led the MCU. We’ve seen a great Tom Cruise Deep Fake from Bill Hader, and those talked peeps at Corridor Crew and both of those were technically more successful. That said, there are loads of neat shots here that look pretty good. On a side note, Deep Fakes are a terrifying prospect; poor old Peter Cushing was brought back to uncanny valley life for Rogue One. While he loved the macabre, I think to be in a movie decades after his death would be unsavoury even to him.

Not all of the video works, there are a few floaty face moments, and Cruise’s face with Downey Jr’s movements look unnatural. It might offer a glimpse at how easy it could be in the future to make full movies with long-deceased performers, but if you wanted to see how Cruise would look in the suit, then it’s a neat little video to give us a taste. For an even freakier experience, just watch the Bill Hader interview below from around the 40 second mark onwards.

Avengers Endgame is out now on Digital Download and arrives on DVD/Blu-ray on Monday September 2nd.

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