The Every Episode of Angel Quiz #1: City of

Once the shock that Buffy spin-off Angel is now 20 years old wore off, we thought what way could we honour one of the best TV offshoots of all time. Naturally, one quiz wouldn’t be enough, neither would five, but 110 seems like the magic number. That’s right, to go alongside our Every Episode of Buffy Quiz, we doing the very same thing for Angel.

You can take the Every Episode of Buffy Quiz by clicking this link, we’ve kicked things off with a double helping that covers both Welcome To The Hellmouth and The Harvest. Good luck, and be sure to check back for the next Angel Quiz.

Every Episode of Angel Quiz #1: City of

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the finest TV spin-offs of all time, we're paying tribute to Angel with a quiz for every episode of the beloved series. 

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