Everything Wrong With Transformers Animated Movie

As the latest Transformers sequel angrily thrusts itself into multiplexes worldwide, Cinema Sins has unleashed their latest Everything Wrong With instalment, and it’s the original Transformers Animated Motion Picture. Or should that be The Transformers The Movie?

I have a love/hate relationship with the cinematic adventures of the Transformers. In the decade since Michael Bay directed a thoroughly enjoyable first live-action film, the Transformers franchise has become more convoluted and narratively tangled than fellow running on fumes series Pirates of the Caribbean. If the recent Dead Men Tell No Tales (or Salazar’s Revenge) is the last we see of Disney’s Pirates, it at least manages to inject some of the fun back into the franchise. Sadly, Transformers The Last Knight is just more of the same with the added burden of kick-starting a new multi-movie story arc. Sigh.

There will be some fans of The Transformers Animated Movie that will find it hard to accept that there could be anything wrong with their beloved film. But Cinema Sins have shown us that no movie is without sin, and Transformers is no exception. I live in the hope that one day, Paramount will deliver a Transformers live-action movie that is actually watchable. Until that day arrives, I will have to make to with the animated film which is still the best cinematic offering in the franchise.

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