Everything Wrong With Clash of the Titans [2010]

Those clever folks over at Cinema Sins have finally turned their attention to the critically panned, but commercially successful remake of Clash of the Titans.

Like a fool, I was more hyped than I should have been for a glossy reboot of Clash of the Titans. Largely this was down to my love of the original 80s classic that was home to Ray Harryhausen’s beautiful stop-motion work. Naturally, no amount of CGI wizardry could replace my love of the original classic, but the timeless tale was due for a reimagining. My first clue that this movie was not going to live up to my modest expectations should have been the woeful tagline. Titans Will Clash exclaims the poster and trailer (as does an alternative The Clash Begins), for a movie called Clash of the Titans I think it is fair to assume that said Titans will be involved in some of Clash.

Starring Oak-based actor Sam Worthington (to his credit he acted his socks off in Manhunter) leads a star-studded cast in a movie so bad; it spawned a sequel that managed to be worse. Needless to say, Wrath of the Titans didn’t improve on the tagline front, Feel The Wrath was the best they could do for the sequel. Again, I already know to anticipate wrath, it’s in the title. Anyhoo, I’ll leave it to the experts at Cinema Sins to put the hurt on Clash of the Titans. Naturally, there are spoilers aplenty ahead, but there really wasn’t much to spoil in the first place.

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