Everything Wrong with Home Alone

It’s that magical time of the year again; the nights are getting colder, shops burst at the seams with ill-tempered shoppers, and once again, I’ve given up trying to buy gifts in favour of watching a Christmas movie. You’d have thought the good folks at Cinema Sins would have covered festive classic Home Alone by but each passing Christmas no Everything Wrong with Home Alone arrived. I would search my soul at night wondering how I had angered Santa or the movie gods so, where was the Everything Wrong with Home Alone video.

As the years rolled by I became jaded towards Christmas time, I could feel my festive cheer begin to dry up. When a friend told me there was finally an Everything Wrong with Home Alone, I didn’t dare believe it could be true. Like an excited child at Christmas, I searched the internet for the video I had only be able to see in my slumber. As YouTube loaded, there it was, Honest Trailers: Home Alone. I’m a big fan of Honest Trailers, but it wasn’t Cinema Sins. All was lost. After watching the Honest Trailer several times, I gave up all hope on Everything Wrong with Home Alone. It was then that the same friend sent me a link to the Everything Wrong with Home Alone video that was posted in 2016. I guess I just missed it when it came out; the take-home here is that while it’s three years old, here’s Everything Wrong with Home Alone from Cinema Sins.

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