Everything Wrong with Scream 2

Well, if I didn’t feel old before I certainly do now. Scream 2 is 20 years old, and it only feels like a few years ago my freshly turned sixteen-year-old self-was doing his best to look eighteen to go and see Ghost Face. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, Cinema Sins have put together an Everything Wrong With video for our entertainment.

Quick to cash in on the huge success of the first film, Scream 2 arrived in cinemas just over a year after the original with Wes Craven returning to direct Widely regarded as the best Scream in the series, Wes Craven’s first sequel still holds up two decades on from its release. Well, the clothes don’t, the camera equipment used by the university is dated, and the way human beings communicate has fundamentally changed. Aside from those little things, Scream 2 is a worthy sequel even if some of the film references haven’t aged well. As you’ll see in the above video, there are plenty of things that don’t make sense, and Cinema Sins are here to point out every flaw in their usual cheeky way.

The humble slasher movie has been in need of reviving in a meaningful way; the genre is still alive, but we’ve not had a game-changing slasher flick in quite some time. The last time I remember a decent slasher movie was 2007’s Hatchett. You could make a case for what is left to explore in the genre, but Wes Craven managed to turn it on its head two decades ago, so why has it been so long since a memorable slasher film was produced? Hopefully, the new Halloween sequel that sees Jamie Lee Curtis return to her iconic role for the final time will show the youngsters how it’s done.

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