Fantastic Four Sequel Removed From Fox Release Slate


To the surprise of nobody, Fox has taken the sequel to Fantastic Four off their release schedule. 20th Century Fox showed a sign of confidence in the end product when they set a 2017 date for the sequel before the first movie was released. Despite earlier claims from Fox that they were ‘committed to the franchise‘, the sequel is expected to go on indefinite hiatus.

The dreaded ‘indefinite hiatus’ doesn’t mean it’s game over for The Fantastic Four, another reboot or the characters being absorbed into the X-Men franchise is a more plausible course of action. That said, I think it will be a good few years before we see the Fantastic Four on the big screen again.

Film might be a subjective medium, but we can all agree that the Fantastic Four reboot was a missed opportunity. In a weird way, I was more annoyed by Jurassic World than Fantastic Four, but that’s a whole other argument. Director Josh Trank publicly distanced himself from the finished film on Twitter, and once I had seen the end results, I found myself feeling somewhat sorry for the young filmmaker. Reports of erratic behaviour and studio meddling were rife, the movie that hit cinemas was a jumbled, broken mess with the patch work only too visible. Not the worst superhero movie of all time (you can have that for the DVD release), but it made The Green Lantern look like a ruddy masterpiece.

Remember when the first teaser (that nicked the Broadchurch music) suggested a gritty superhero movie? What the feck happened to that!

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