Halloween (2018) Honest Trailer

The following video and article contains spoilers for Halloween 2018, consider yourself warned.

To mark the 40th anniversary of John Carpenter’s seminal slasher movie Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis returned to the franchise for a sequel that disregarded all the previous entries aside from the first. Ignoring the fact that Michael Myer’s identity as Laurie Strode’s brother was revealed in the second movie, Halloween 2018 served as a brutal thriller that examined the effects of PTSD as much as it aimed to terrify.

Generating a massive $253 million worldwide (more than $159 domestically), Halloween 2018 shattered several slasher movie records, and proved that there was still plenty of life in the franchise. Originally, the plan was to shoot two movies back to back, that didn’t happen, but a sequel is unsurprisingly in development.

For the most part, co-writer Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green’s reimagining of the first Halloween 2 is a roaring success. While it dosesn’t break the slasher movie mould, it is undoubtedly the best sequel in the 40-year-old franchise. I say that, but dear Joss, those podcasters at the beginning of the movie were annoying. I was 100% of Michael Myer’s side when he murdered them until they died from it in that grim service station bathroom. Perhaps this was what McBride and Green were going for, introduce characters that the audience are willing to be killed.

The folks at Screen Junkies has turned their attention to this very film in their latest Honest Trailer, the podcasters do not come off well in this video. I’m sure the actors are lovely people, but your podcasting skills are in question!

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