HBO Picks Up Barry For A Third Season

Alec Berg & Bill Hader’s hit HBO series has been renewed for a third season of episodes. The second run of the dark comedy started last month, but HBO has wasted no time in picking up this critical darling for another season.

In case you haven’t seen it, Barry (Bill Hader) is an unhappy contract killer who finds new meaning in life when he stumbles into a local acting class run by Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler). I am going to pause on the synopsis for a moment as Henry Winkler is just remarkable in this, he’s very good in most things, but as Gene, he is a revelation. Playing him with just the right amount of world-weary with an ability to be endearingly charming, forget Fonzie, this is Winkler’s role of a lifetime.

Barry tries to leave his old life behind in pursuit of his new found dream of acting, but his former associates have other ideas. In all likelihood, I have shortchanged the setup and made it sound like a broad comedy, Barry is fully loaded with laugh out moments, but Hader goes deeper and turns in a career-best performance as the conflicted hitman.

If you’re not fond of TV shows like early Dexter or Breaking Bad where you are physically sick with worry about the characters you’ve invested in, then you might find Barry a challenging show to love immediately. However, if you stay the course, then you’ll be rewarded with a beautifully made, often hilarious, and occasionally shocking dark comedy masterpiece. If you have Now TV you can watch every episode with season one available to binge, and season two airing weekly.

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