Hellraiser Reboot Nabs Nightmare on Elm Street Star


A new Hellraiser movie might not be particularly high on your wish list, but regardless of a lack of demand a new reboot is on the way. There was talk last year that Clive Barker was circling a return to the franchise, sadly those rumours turned out to be wishful thinking as Barker isn’t involved at all.

Make up effects artist Gary Tunnicliffe who has worked on the franchise since Hellraiser 3 will write and direct the new movie. Speaking to Scar Tissue, A Nightmare on Elm Street starlet Heather Langenkamp revealed she’s making a cameo in the currently shooting project.

“I actually have an opportunity to play a small part in Hellraiser, the new Hellraiser. I’m so excited about it. I go next week to do the shooting…The script is amazing and that I got the part is something that I find incredible.”

Doug Bradley who has starred as Pinhead eight times gave a lengthly answer on Facebook as to why he wasn’t returning for the reboot. The short version of why he’s not reprising the role is thus;

“A new movie is happening and I have nothing do with it. I was unable to make a decision about it because I was not allowed to read the script, unlike Revelations where I made a conscious decision not to do the movie based on the motives for making it and the poor quality of the script.”

The long answer is a little more disturbing;

“Ladies, Gentlemen and Others,

I gather word is beginning to spread about the new Hellraiser movie which is, apparently, already shooting.

First, a point of clarification. This is the first time I have said anything about this. Anything else you have heard me say about any proposed Hellraiser film refers to the constantly rumored remake. And, for the record, I still know nothing about that.

First I heard about this new film was around Christmas in a phone call from Gary Tunnicliffe, who was my make-up artist on Bloodline through Hellworld. Gary, you may recall, also wrote the screenplay for Revelations. He has written and is directing this new effort. I can also assert, contrary to some rumours I’ve already seen, that Clive Barker is not involved with this in any way, shape or form.

Gary said he would send me a copy of the script when he had completed a second draft, but before I could be allowed to set eyes on the precious document, I was required to sign a gagging order. This was a three page document preventing me from talking about the script ‘in restrooms’, ‘on elevators’, ‘in restaurants’ or ‘in cellular telephone conversations which may be overheard’. There was also dark reference to ‘people talking out of turn at conventions’. I read this thing in disbelief, and informed Gary I would not be signing it.

And that’s that. Clearly, I am deemed too much of a security risk to be allowed to read a Hellraiser script. People are starving to death in Syria and they’re worried about me talking about a Hellraiser movie? Get a fucking grip. Can you say ‘sense of proportion’?

None disclosure agreements are standard practice for the movie industry, but Hellraiser isn’t exactly a Marvel flick or Star Wars and as cold as it sounds would you care if the plot of Hellraise 79 was ruined prior to release? I suggest to you that Hellraiser already twisted its own nipple off when it spewed out Revelations in order to keep the rights. The production values makes any movie from The Asylum look like a masterpiece.

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