Honest Trailers Celebrates 300th Episode with MCU Special

For their historic 300th Honest Trailer, the movie-loving folks at Screen Junkies have put something exceptional together to mark the occasion. I’m unsure why I am trying to build some dramatic reveal here as the title pretty much tells you everything you need to know. For their 300th Honest Trailer, we’re taking an Endgame whistle-stop tour of the entire MCU.

While we still have Spider-Man: Far From Home to look forward to as a fitting finale for Phase 3 (and perhaps for phases in the MCU all together), Endgame was the main event in our 2019 movie calendar. Sure, there are loads of great films landing on our screens this year, but none of them will deliver the unique experience of seeing Endgame with a cinema full of like-minded fans. It’s not other movies’ fault that they’re not Endgame, I just feel like my internal ability to be ‘as’ excited for another film this year has been compromised.

Avengers Endgame will be back on our screens with brand new footage this weekend, but it’s NOT an extended version. The new footage will be shown as an extended post-credit bonus with a deleted scene and what Kevin Feige called “a few surprises”. At the time of writing, Endgame needs another $40 million to replace James Cameron’s Avatar (the film, not a robotic avatar controlled by James Cameron, having said that out loud I wouldn’t put it past JC) as the biggest film of all time. The world would make just a little bit more sense if Endgame were the highest grossing movie ever made. Now that Disney owns Fox and the Avatar franchise, all the money might be going in the same pot, but it would be a worthy accolade for this iteration of the Avengers to end.

Avengers Endgame is still showing in cinemas everywhere.

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