Honest Trailers Game of Thrones Vol.3

Now that the dust (and frustration) has settled on Game of Thrones’ divisive final season, those brave folks at Screen Junkies present its third volume of Game of Thones’ Honest Trailer. This final instalment covers seasons 6-8, and it goes without say (but none the less) that there are massive spoilers in this extended video.

Without dwelling on it too much, there is no denying that the final season felt rushed, even the people who loved every moment of season 8 would agree that it was rushed. While the creators of the show felt six episodes was a suitable amount of time to wind things up, the shortened season lacked the immediacy needed for six episodes. What would have previously been dripped out over multiple episodes got condensed into such a short space of time it robbed audiences of a more powerful dramatic punch. I’m not going to get into the plethora of characters that were shortchanged, or how difficult it was to see key sequences in The Battle of Winterfell. I don’t have to get into all that as Screen Junkies have done it beautifully.

It is worth noting that while the final season might have been a bumpy ride for some fans, it doesn’t take away from the many seasons that this show got it all 100% right. How a TV show or movie is remembered often (unfairly) rests on the finale. Some shows have nailed it with Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Sopranos, Fringe, Breaking Bad, MASH, Deadwood, and Six Feet Under sealing their place in the record books as delivering perfect sendoffs. However, botch the landing, and you get How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, or House, all making their finales a difficult watch (for very different reasons. Game of Thrones might have been a ratings giant, but its final season is best summed up with a handy quote from the Honest Trailer, “The show that managed to both limp and sprint to the finish line”.

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