Indie Spotlight: The Reaper [Short Film]

Indie Spotlight: The Reaper [Short Film]

Truth be told it has been a little while since I have seen something noteworthy in the abyss of internet land. There’s no shortage of new web series’, short films and bootlegged universes to explore, but for whatever reason, nothing was leaping out at me.

This funk was pleasantly broken earlier today when I stumbled upon a new short film called The Reaper, written and directed by Luke Mordue this neat little thriller was just the ticket. There is a lot to be said for a well executed simple idea, Reaper takes the home invasion genre and does a great job of turning it on its head.

After being left for dead from a violent home invasion, Josh is greeted by a mysterious woman who claims to be Death itself. Thus begins a conversation about our understanding of Life.

Armed with strong support from Jamie Hawes and Dana Smit, plus some excellent cinematography from Bryan Cook, The Reaper does reward you for sticking with its slow burn narrative.

As regular readers will know, We Love Movies [More Than You] has its roots firmly placed in independent film. As a matter of fact, this very site was founded to provide a small measure of promotion for filmmakers regardless of its budget. It’s the story and execution that counts, so if you have a web series, short film or indie feature then shoot us an email so we can promote your hard work.

For more information about The Reaper and more forthcoming projects from Mordue Pictures, you can check out their official website.

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