It Chapter 2 Honest Trailer

The following article and video contains spoilers for It Chapter 2.

It Chapter 2 concluded Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic book. Two years on from Chapter One breaking all kinds of box office records for an R-rated horror film, and the concluding part landed in cinemas. The now grown-up Losers must journey back to their childhood town and face Pennywise one last time.

There is a lot to love about Andy Muschietti’s faithful adaptation; the casting is top-notch, the cinematography, and Bill Skarsgård’s performance is the stuff of nightmares. That said, the second chapter divided critics and audiences, and overall is a less satisfying film the chapter one. By comparison, Chapter One grossed more than $700 million worldwide; Chapter Two made $470 million. By all accounts still, a massive hit for an R-rated horror and not the flop, some publications have unfairly dubbed the movie. The movie kinda improves on the woeful ending of the TV mini-series, butit still has its problems.

Muschietti has previously commented that he hopes to release a supercut of both chapters mixed together with added footage not seen in cinemas. It remains unclear if that cut is actively on the cards for Warner Bros, but It is a $1 billion franchise with just two movies. So, a chance to squeeze out more cash without resorting to a prequel could see the epic six-hour version find its way to home entertainment in the future. Until then, those funny folks at Screen Junkies takes aim at It Chapter 2.

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