Jackie Chan is Back in Police Story: Lockdown

Police Story Lockdown

Jackie Chan is back in action in the latest chapter in the iconic Police Story saga.

The Police Story franchise has undergone numerous reboots and tonal shifts over the years, what started out as a more comedic Chan action romp has slowly morphed into a harder edged thriller. I’m not complaining as Jackie Chan is always a marvel to behold. The next exciting instalment in the series arrives on DVD, Blu-ray and download this July.

Police captain Zhong Wen goes to meet his estranged daughter at a nightclub, owned by her boyfriend Wu Jiang. When Wu locks the doors to the club and takes everybody inside hostage, Zhong discovers that he, and the other hostages, have something in common that is driving Wu’s sinister plan. Outnumbered and outgunned, Zhong has some tricks up his sleeve to scupper Wu’s plans and make the nightclub owner and his gang of armed thugs rue the day they took the indestructible police captain hostage.

Police Story isn’t the only classic Jackie Chan franchise the acting legend has revisited in recent years, back in 2012 he finally starred and directed in the long awaited third movie in the Armour of God franchise. Chinese Zodiac proved that Chan still has the moves and when it comes to staging comedic fight scenes, the man is unrivalled.

Police Story Lockdown is available on Download from July 18th, and is released on DVD & Blu-ray on July 25th.

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