Joss Whedon Talks Dr Horrible: Best Friends Forever

As difficult as it is to accept, Dr Horrible is ten glorious years old, and fans of Joss Whedon’s Sing-Along Blog have been anxiously awaiting a sequel ever since. A live-action follow-up might not transpire, but Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer are back this month in a new one-shot Dark Horse comic.

During an extensive interview with Polygon, Joss Whedon revealed how Dr Horrible Best Friends Forever came to pass.

“In a way it, was sort of created backwards. I was like, “We should do a one-shot,” if we’re going to do a reunion panel, just to celebrate our partnership with Dark Horse, and it’s been a while. And then they were like, “OK, well, we need a cover image.” So I picked a cover image. And then I pitched the copy on the cover image, and then I wrote the comic. But it was great, because it gave me this great loose focus.

The cover is Captain Hammer and his best friend Dr. Horrible, and it says “Buddies!” And then under, it says, “Plus! The return of Penny! Not a dream sequence!” And then in parentheses, “It’s a dream sequence.” And so I knew I had that, coming in. They’re best friends for some reason and … there’ll be a dream sequence.

This was one where I followed it. Usually I’m insane about structure, but was like, “I know how I want to start.” And then it just kept unfolding. And it really unfolded in like, “Oh, this is a very classical structure, and here’s where the dream sequence goes, and here’s why it’s in there. Oh, and it’s sort of sad! I can make it a little depressing too. Put a little of that flavor in there.” After 20 pages of idiotic jokes.

So it was a lovely process of just hearing these guys talk to me again and just going off. I don’t get to be that silly very often.”

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