Logan Set For $85 Million US Launch


Hugh Jackman’s swansong as Wolverine is out now in cinemas, and in case you’ve haven’t heard, James Mangold’s film is a beautiful (and brutal) farewell and delivers on the lofty promises of the trailers.

Following its huge US launch on Friday with more than $33 million, Logan barely flinched on Saturday and took an estimated $31 million. Historically, superhero movies tend to have a dip of anywhere up to 25% on their second day, but Logan technically had a bigger Saturday as the Friday figure has $9.5 million of Thursday night rolled into that $33 million.

All these numbers equate to Logan having a good shot at a $85 million opening weekend in the US, a new record for an R-rated movie released in March. Perhaps more importantly, Logan might dethrone X-Men Origins as the biggest launch for a solo Wolverine movie.

Naturally, the comparisons to Deadpool will be made as just over a year ago the Ryan Reynolds flick managed a massive $132 million opening weekend. Even though the Deadpool character had suffered some damage thanks to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the promise of a bawdy R-rated superhero film was fully delivered, and fans couldn’t get enough of Wade Wilson’s style of superheroing. Much like Deadpool, Logan offers audiences something they’ve not seen before in this genre, and it doesn’t conform to the ‘save the world’ formula of modern superhero movies.

Logan’s debut around the rest of the world was equally as impressive, taking more than $157 million internationally, Logan will easily be the highest grossing Wolverine solo movie and may give some of the X-Men flicks a run for their money.

20th Century Fox’s arm of the Marvel universe might not be as satisfying (as a whole) as the Disney/Avengers side, but with Deadpool and Logan they are leading the way with more adult themed superheroes.

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