SENNA_UK1SHT.inddHello, digital wanderers, come in, sit down. Not much to report sales-wise this week, but there’s an opportunity for a walloping great sports cliché here and goddamit I’m gonna take it; that’s right, F1 documentary SENNA is in Pole Position this week (I could also have gone for “Senna is leading the pack…” take your pick) and it’s trailing off into the sunset by quite a margin.

Following behind like a hungry hippy after a mobile falafel van is Martin Scorsese’s quarter-Beatle documentary, GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD, the running time of which suggests that it follows the life of the late guitarist/singer/yogic flyer in real time.

thor-poster-artwork-natalie-portman-chris-hemsworth-anthony-hopkinsTV mainstay and cultural touchstone THE SIMPSONS season 14 (arguably long past its prime but, hey…) is followed by relative TV newcomer THE SONS OF ANARCHY season 3. The top five is rounded out by a pretty strong showing for THE MENTALIST season 3 (so, people do watch it) but when you consider that all of these titles bar Senna are still being outsold by Marvel’s mighty THOR it just goes to show that people still want something BIG to splash their cash on and spend their evening in with (everyone’s got a giant telly and a Blu-Ray player now, haven’t they? Even your Nan. I bet The Last Of The Summer Wine looks banging on a 50-inch plasma). With Thor being the only real blockbuster released in recent weeks, that’s the one that they (i.e. you) are going for. Will the release of THE GREEN LANTERN on Monday change that?

Frankly, no.


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