New Amicus Film Reaches Massive Crowd-Funding Milestone On Kickstarter

Earlier this month, news broke that iconic horror production company Amicus was returning with a brand-new film, In The Grip of Terror, and launching a Kickstarter campaign to ensure the future of the once titan of UK horror. After generating more than £60,000 of pledges within its first 24 hours, the campaign currently has more than £100,000 after ten days.

This massive milestone means that by the time you read this, the high end of their Level 1 goal has been achieved, so the movie is happening, and “a legendary actor” will be cast in an undisclosed role. In a recent update, the new head of Amicus, Lawrie Brewster, took a moment to thank the fans and teased the names of two former Amicus stars;

“As of this moment, we’ve (touch wood) just reached our first stretch goal. As promised, this means we will cast someone very special in our film. But who could that be? Charlotte Rampling? Stephanie Beachum? Who would you like to see in “In the Grip of Terror”?

Rampling featured in the ensemble cast of the 1972 anthology horror Asylum, and Beachum starred in 1973’s And Now The Screaming Starts. Both are still acting, so it’s certainly possible, but we’ll have to wait and see. Reaching the Level 1 goal is fantastic news, but Brewster highlighted that their stretch goals will help secure Amicus Productions’ future.

“Of course, it goes without saying that the more resources we have to make “In the Grip of Terror,” the better our film will be. But what about the future? Now we have the chance to expand our plans beyond just producing our film. We can also raise funds to help us secure a long-term future for Amicus Productions, one that places you in the driving seat with access to our unique Amicus Studio Group.

I believe that we want Amicus Productions to be back for good. That means I’m on the hunt to find Amicus a home and to help it develop the necessary tools so that it can function as a studio production company and distributor. I want it to make more films, and I want to give everyone who wants to help us the necessary tools to make our revival of Amicus a success.

Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting a prospective site that might fit the bill, and you can expect pictures and a video, along with new reward announcements to help us achieve the impossible. To give Amicus a home we could work from, a home that you could visit. Imagine that!”

For updates on the campaign or if you fancy supporting this incredible project, head over to their Kickstarter Page here.

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