New Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer

A brand new trailer for the highly-anticipated Spider-Man No Way Home has arrived, and there is a whole heap of new footage on offer here. Much like the previous teaser, the new promo finds Peter Parker at odds with his newfound wanted status after having his secret identity revealed at the end of Far From Home.

However, this trailer paints a very different picture; Doctor Strange seems less like a mentor and more like an angry parent trying to correct a massive error of judgement; in this case, it’s helping Peter with a spell to make people forget that he’s Spider-Man. The promise of the multiverse has presented fan speculation with a veritable buffet of teases about who may or may not show up. So far, both Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire have played down their involvement; in the former’s case, he has repeatedly denied he is in the movie. However, the climactic battle sequence of the trailer sure does look like a couple of Spider-Men have been edited out.

The new trailer shows us more classic villains returning with a new look for Jamie Foxx’s Electro, and the very unmistakable voice of Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborne, aka Green Goblin, and that sure does look like Thomas Haden Church’s face back as Sandman.

There’s not long to wait as Spider-Man No Way Home arrives in the UK two days early on December 15. Check out the new trailer below.

After Peter Parker’s identity as Spider-Man was exposed by Mysterio at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019),[1] his life and reputation are turned upside down. Parker asks Dr. Stephen Strange to help restore his secret identity with magic, but this breaks open the multiverse, allowing villains from alternate realities who have previously fought a Spider-Man to arrive

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