Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Trailer

Paranormal Activity Ghost

The fifth (and apparently final) entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise finally arrives in cinemas this Halloween. The first trailer for The Ghost Dimension is now haunting the internet, and lord help me but I’m surprisingly intrigued.

I pretty much gave up on this franchise a sequel or two ago, there is only so much found-footage horror than any one person can endure and the series started  to feel past it by part two. Naturally this is just this one opinion, but for me found-footage as a sub-genre needs to be retired for a decade or two unless than can find something new to do with it.

The menacing spirit Toby (never before has a name struck fear into the hearts of an audience) is back, and this time we’re going to get to see all the supernatural activity. There were some neat little moments in the trailer, it even managed a couple of spine tingling moments (although owing to the heat that might have been sweat).

It remains to be seen if The Ghost Dimension will truly spell the end of the franchise, many a horror sequel has claimed to be the last and then they made heaps more after it. Paranormal Activity has been absent from cinemas for the last couple of years (aside from the spin-off The Marked Ones), perhaps the break has done the franchise a favour as there is quantifiable gusto on offer in this new trailer.

You can visit The Ghost Dimension this Halloween IN 3D!

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