Help Our Film The Good Samaritan Win An Award


I’ll be quick, and to the point internet people, we are in need of your assistance to help our new short film The Good Samaritan win the Direct Online Film Festival audience award. As regular readers will know, We Love Movies is powered by Jellyfielder Studios (which isn’t a sustainable form of energy, but a London-based film production company), and our new short thriller is in contention for an award.

If you’re short on time here’s the hard sell, could you be so kind as to take less than 30 seconds out of your day to click this link and vote 5 stars for our movie The Good Samaritan? I’ll be honest, the festival website does take a few seconds to load, but please be patient. We’d love you even more if you fancy watching the full film (you can do so below), but if you don’t have 13 minutes, a vote will be more than sufficient. At the time of writing this, we are currently in the lead by a couple of votes and we need your help to widen the gap.

“Attempting to relocate his lost phone, Alex ventures out into the night to meet The Good Samaritan who found it, but he quickly discovers that he’ll need to pay a steep price for its return.”

We had a great time making this film, part of that great time included being eaten alive by insects during one of the night shoots, and inadvertently bruising my knees so badly it looked like my knee had grown its own additional knee. Aside from my nightmarish ailments, The Good Samaritan is something we are all very proud of and the positivity from those who have seen it has been deeply heartening. A couple of weeks ago, we attended the Newbury Film Festival and got the chance to see our film on a big screen with an audience for the first time. As fate would have it, The Good Samaritan was also selected for the Cardiff Mini-Film Festival under the Twisted Tales category on the same night. If only we could have attended both.

The Good Samaritan from Jellyfielders on Vimeo.

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