Rampage Narrowly Bests A Quiet Place At The Box Office

Warner Bros. and New Line’s Rampage managed to storm its way to the US number one spot over the weekend, but it was a very close race. By the end of Saturday, Rampage and A Quiet Place were neck and neck, and it looked like a low-budget horror film was going to deny Dwayne Johnson a number one movie. Sunday fell in Rampage’s favour, and it closed out its opening weekend with $35.7 million.

Based on the video game of the same name, Rampage fared better internationally with $115 million which includes a massive $55 million from China. It’s worth noting that last year’s Jumanji opened to a modest $36 million and that went on to gross more than $950 million worldwide. All the more impressive is that Jumanji was up against The Last Jedi and showed incredible staying power. Rampage has an Avengers: Infinity War shaped shadow hanging over its box office longevity and will start shedding screens in just a few days time.

A Quiet Place generated a highly respectable second weekend of $32.9 million for a running US total of more than $100 million. John Krasinski’s high-concept horror has made more than $55 million internationally in just under two weeks.

For comparison, A Quiet Place is more than $15 million ahead of where The Conjuring was after the same number of days on release. Back in 2014, James Wan’s first Conjuring made $137 million domestically, for a global total of almost $320 million. Well done Paramount, see you don’t need Michael Bay to generate box office hits. 2018 could be a great year for Paramount with Mission Impossible: Fallout and 80s set Transformers spin-off Bumblebee.

The latest horror from producer Jason Blum came in third place with a solid $18.8 million. Truth or Dare hasn’t been well received by critics, but its thrifty $3.5 million production budget means it doesn’t have far to go to turn another tidy profit for Blumhouse.

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