Rick & Morty Season 4 Sets UK Release Date

Mere days away from US fans getting the first of five brand new episodes of Rick and Morty, we finally know when season 4 will land in the UK. I hope you’re sitting down because it’s not good news.

Earlier this year Channel 4 struck a deal with Adult Swim for a wealth of their back catalogue including Rick and Morty. Previously, Netflix had been the only LEGAL way to watch the series with season 3 airing new episodes weekly back in 2017. However, as part of the Channel 4 deal, Netflix no longer has first broadcast rights to Rick and Morty. Channel 4 (or rather E4) has been showing the entire series in doubles on Friday nights, and it had been expected that season 4 would arrive after it had been shown in America. Nope, we have to wait until January to watch it LEGALLY.

For a series that inspires countless memes, online discussion, and much much more, this seems beyond myopic of Channel 4. All five episodes would have been broadcast in the US before we get so much as one instalment. Early reviews for the season four opener have been universally good, and spoilers are already starting to creep out regardless of how well-intended. After waiting more than two years for new episodes, this decision will undoubtedly anger UK fans who now have to wait even longer to watch the show, LEGALLY.

Rick and Morty Season 4 will land on Channel 4 sometime in January.

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