Scalextric Unveil Back To The Future, Batman and James Bond No Time To Die Sets

Classic DeLorean, Batman racer and James Bond No Time To Die Scalextric models are the must-have Christmas gifts this year

Santa’s workshop is already stockpiling what is sure to be the hottest Christmas gifts for this December – for kids and kidults alike! Expanding on the success of the new Film and TV category introduced last year, Scalextric has produced the iconic Time Machine from Back to the Future Part II; a Batman vs Joker racing set; as well as a set featuring the Aston Martin DB5 and Jaguar XF from the eagerly-awaited new Bond film No Time To Die.

Great Scott! Prepare to go Back to the Future in celebration of the film’s 35th Anniversary with this new release of the most famous time machine ever to grace the screen! In Part II this time, Inventor Doc Brown’s time machine is used to take Marty, the Doc and Jennifer into the future (2015!). The car features detailed decoration, including the ‘Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, and, being somewhat more affordable than the real thing, the slot car model replica is sure to be one of the biggest hits of the year! Grab it now, before it disappears into history. *Please note: This slot car does not actually fly.

The Caped Crusader takes on the Clown Prince of Crime himself in this Batman vs Joker battery-operated Micro Scalextric set. Featuring two-character cars modelled on Batman and the Joker, this set features over four metres of track, with 9 track layouts that include a loop-the-loop and a half pipe.

The latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, the 25th instalment of the franchise, features both classic and modern vehicles driven by the villain as well as 007 himself. This set features an Aston Martin DB5 taking on the Jaguar XF, and includes over four metres of track, with 9 track layouts, and speed limiting hand controllers that ensure the cars will be shaken and stirred but won’t fly off the tracks!

Pre-order you sets today.

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