Sharknado 3 Trailer Washes In


The joke that just won’t die is back for another round of woeful acting, sloppy effects and more fish-based puns. That’s right folks, Shaknado is coming back for a third helping and the first full trailer has washed up on the shores of the internet.

Not that this TV franchise needs any more cheese, David Hasselhoff has joined the cast as our protagonist’s Dad, and he’s not the only famous face popping up for a paycheque. Cameos include Lou Ferrigno, Bo Derek, Jerry Springer, Chris Jericho and you can call off the missing person search for Frankie Muniz as he’s also part of this sorry mess. Even The Hoff cheerily labelled the project “The worst movie you’ll ever see”

“The first was the worst. The second one I think was even worse than the first. I am so honoured to be in Sharknado 3. I had so much fun making the movie. The people who make the movie have such a great sense of humour. They are the nicest people. Everybody is in on the joke and it is so much fun.”

I’m fully aware that the Sharknado flicks are knowingly bad, and the makers are not attempting to make anything that resembles a good movie. Sharknado doesn’t have the smarts to be a parody, it assumes that because it knows it’s is rubbish that will be enough to be considered a spoof. It takes more than bad acting, throwing in the odd Jaws in-joke and endless puns to be a parody. As we live in a world where comedy black-holes Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg (Disaster Movie, Meet The Spartans) have built a career on far less creative foundations.

On the up side, the sheer awfulness of Sharknado has caused a new found appreciation for Jaws The Revenge. Heck at least that crap-fest had Michael Caine in it and a rubber shark (admittedly it looked shit). The success of Sharknado continues to baffle me, and it feels like I’m missing out on a joke I don’t understand. Why is everything so colour drained? Do the sharks have to look so fake? Couldn’t they have spent more than a weekend writing the script? Isn’t that the guy from Beverly Hills 90210? What happened to Tara Reid?

Perhaps I’ll never know the answer to these questions and more, but Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (that more or less sums up my thoughts towards this sequel) is flying onto SyFy later this month.

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