Stocking Chillers Double Bill

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be delving into the world of festive themed short horror films to bring you a selection of Stocking Chillers. If Christmas gives you the creeps, then this is the regular feature for you as we share your fear of all things festive. Toy Story might have made inanimate objects coming to life slightly less horrifying, but it has remained a constant in the horror genre as we’re all convinced that dolls or toys are plotting an uprising, or to murder us in our sleep. Just me?

To kick things off, we have a super short little nugget of Christmas horror with Elf on a Shelf. There are quite a few short films called Elf on a Shelf, this particular Elf on a Shelf was made three years ago and has amassed nearly three and a half million views via CryptTV. Naturally, if the sight of an elf on a shelf going killer crazy is unappealing to you, I’d give this one a miss.

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen this one, and I don’t want you feeling short-changed. So, here’s another short festive horror film that features an Elf on a Shelf in the opening sequence. Directed by Jonnie Stapleton, Jingle is a neat atmospheric little cracker. There you go, two short Christmas tales of terror in under five minutes. We’ll be back with more Stocking Chillers soon.

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