Sunday Afternoon Movie – Con Air

con-air-5343d8694c270There are many films that are a perfect Sunday afternoon watch. I have long felt that this should be a sub genre in itself. The sunday afternoon movie can be a curious kind, you may give films a go you would ordinarily have not bothered with. It should be a staple like Sunday dinner or Tea and biscuits, they just go so well together. This can be dangerous as the criteria for a good sunday afternoon movie has to follow a strict set of rules.

Now obviously there are exceptions, in the right set of circumstances I have watched Inception as a sunday afternoon film. This week I was torn between two films, my go to childhood favourite ‘ The Princess Bride’ or big dumb but fun action flick ‘ Con Air’.Both films are very different yet require little of me, perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon. I like both these movies for very different reasons. Princess Bride never fails to make me smile, there’s romance and adventure, magic, monsters and Columbo, so what isn’t there to love about this classic fairy tale. As a kid I watched it relentlessly, as a teenager and a man it has stayed with me. When I was 13 I even made a Dread Pirate Roberts outfit, much to my sister’s wardrobe’s dismay.

Con Air is a ridiculous amount of barely plausible entertainment. I have seen it plenty of times but it usually gets an airing once a year, naturally this is the directors cut version we are talking about here. After a lengthly discussion about which film to watch, I was made aware that I could watch both in the time it will take me to decide. Dare I do the Sunday movie double? After a hearty sunday dinner it became clear that the Sunday double was the only option.
What’s your perfect Sunday afternoon movie?

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