Taking the Lion(s) Share

Well nobody saw that one coming, with an estimated $29.3 Million opening weekend, the 3D re-release of The Lion King proved it was still leader of the pack (or pride). I am yet to be sold on 3D as a legitimate format but it seems better suited to animated films and this opening was much higher than the recent Toy Story 1 & 2 re issue. The Lion King proves its popularity hasn’t waned over the years.


Taking the Lions share (awful pun, I’m so sorry) of the weekend takings, the rest of the top 5 chart state side looked like this.

1- Lion King 3D – $29,300,000

2- Contagion – $14,480,000
3- Drive – $11, 019,000
4- The Help – $6,438,000
5- Straw Dogs – $5,000,000

The Help continued it’s amazing run and is in line to finish up around the $200 Million mark in America and it’s yet to open here.

Meanwhile here in England, The Inbetweeners Movie was number 1 again bringing its UK total to over £40 Million.

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