The Meg Honest Trailer

The following video contains massive spoilers for The Meg.

There have been plenty of surprises at the box office throughout 2018. That chap from The Office grew a beard to direct and star in A Quiet Place; Black Panther made all the money, Jamie Lee Curtis’ return to Halloween has broken records left right and centre. All these and more provided unexpected blockbusters, but for me, the biggest surprise of the year was the $526 million response to The Meg. For a movie with a $140 million production budget, the odds were stacked against The Meg that it could yield a profit, or break even. Early reports had a US opening of $20 million, but a smart and reactive marketing campaign helped to more than double that early estimate to more than $45 million. Chomp on that!

Jason Statham vs a Prehistoric shark was the fast sell, and the tongue in cheek marketing sold The Meg as a knowingly silly end of summer treat. I was a bit disappointed that The Meg wasn’t sillier, or more knowing, but thanks for its blockbuster takings a sequel is in development. There is a strong case to be made that expectations for Jason Statham vs a Prehistoric Shark shouldn’t be very high in the first place. I make no apology for enjoying a good bad shark movie, and The Meg was pretty good bad good.

Screen Junkies are back with their latest Honest Trailer, and it just so happens to be on The Meg. Naturally, there are spoilers aplenty in the video below, so consider yourself warned.

The Meg is released on DVD, Blu-ray, and HD Download on December 10.

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