The Moderately Difficult Dollhouse Quiz

Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse might have been granted a whole extra season than Firefly, but Dollhouse remains perhaps his most underrated work to date. While Firefly made the jump to the big screen, Dollhouse was given a second season to (sort of) wrap things up, for a show that only consists of 26 episodes, it has left a lasting impact on those who stuck with the series.

If you’re one of the few people who loved Dollhouse as much as we did, then you won’t want to miss this engagement. So, if you think you think you’ve got the skills as an active to take on Rossum here is our moderately difficult Dollhouse quiz. If you can’t handle(r) it, try not to end up in the attic. If you’re hungry for more Whedon based shenanigans and are feeling brave, then click here for our Big Bad Buffy Quiz.

The moderately difficult Dollhouse Quiz

Here are 20 somewhat difficult Dollhouse questions! 

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