The Piano Review 4K

Celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, Jane Campion’s Academy Award-winning third feature film, The Piano, finally gets the 4K treatment. Sold into marriage by her father, Ada (Holly Hunter) is sent to New Zealand with her young daughter Flora (Anna Paquin) to start their new life. Ada hasn’t spoken a word since she was a child, one of her few joys in life is her beloved Piano.

Upon arriving on the shores of her new home, her new husband, Alastair (Sam Neil), refuses to have her Piano taken back and leaves it on the beach. Much to Ada’s unhappiness, she is forced to abandon her Piano, but when a local man named George (Harvey Keitel) saves it, he offers to return it in exchange for lessons. However, as the two grow closer, it awakens a deep passion in them, exploring the depth of their feelings unencumbered by restraint.

Jane Campion has forged a prolific career exploring women living on the fringe of societal norms. Her recent Oscar-winning Power of the Dog continues that legacy 30 years after she won her first Oscar. The Piano explores desire in many forms and on its own terms, never overly romanticised or diluted by convention. The 4K restoration is, as expected, beautifully handled and was supervised by the film’s director of photography Stuart Dryburgh, which was then personally approved by Campion. There are some new special features, including new interviews and featurettes.

Sumptuously shot and solidifying Campion as a groundbreaking filmmaker, The Piano remains a delicate yet sensual story and one that has lost none of its impact three decades on. The Piano 4K UHD Blu-ray will be released on September 5.

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