The Stock Footage Sketch Is Back

After months of silence, The Stock Footage Sketch Show is back with all-new episodes. In an exclusive interview with the show’s creator writer and performer, we spoke to the elusive Albert Stroudfieldington about what spurred the revival of his web series that captivated tens of people.

This is your first episode of The Stock Footage Sketch Show in some time, what made you want to revisit the series?

Albert Stroudfieldington- “Well, quite naturally when Disney bought 20th Century Fox I assumed like many shows, we had been cancelled. Disney owns just about everything so in my defence it was a reasonable assumption to make. It was only many months later that it was pointed out to me that neither Fox or Disney owned the show, so here we are.”

What can your fan expect from the new episodes?

AS- “To correct you on that point, I recently discovered that somebody else has been watching the series and described it as ‘something I watched on the internet while drunk and slopping a take away into my face’. When you get feedback like that, it makes it all worthwhile. So, I am super excited to say that we now have fans plural, very exciting times.”

Apologies, what can fans of the show expect this season?

AS- “Sketches made from stock footage.”

Filmmaker and Part Time Clown Albert Stroudfieldington

Fantastic, how many episodes will there be this season?

AS “Somewhere between 3 and 1008.”

I have heard a rumour that one episode tackles the difficult subject matter of soup, can you elaborate on this?

AS – “I don’t know where you have heard this scandalous, outrageous lie, soup is the enemy of solid food. Kindly change the subject matter or I will terminate this interview.”

You released a trailer for a horror film called Billy, are there any plans for another project like this?

AS – “That’s such a good question, well done on your question-asking abilities you should get a raise. I might spare you after all. I am planning several experimental projects, each more boundary-pushing than the last but the world isn’t ready for that yet. Maybe in a hundred years.”

Do you plan on living another hundred years?

AS- “I am eternal, I am the beginning the middle and the end, I have lived many lives had many faces, but I need blood, blood is life. Why is your heart beat racing, I can hear it.”

Albert Stroudfieldington, thank you for your time.

AS- “I’ll give you a five-minute head start.”

The Stock Footage Sketch Show is available now on YouTube.

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