The Stock Footage Sketch Show Presents: Billy Trailer

Those brave folks over at The Stock Footage Sketch Show have sifted through thousands of clips to bring you the weird, wonderful, and utterly bizarre that has been filmed in the name of stock footage. Taking things one or two steps further than usual, the team has put together a haunting trailer for a horror film titled Billy.Thanks to Funny or Die and Grindhouse, fake movie trailers are by means nothing new, however, what if you could make a passable fake trailer from just stock footage? That’s the thinking behind The Stock Footage Sketch Show’s latest release.

Sadly, the film itself isn’t real (unless those fine people at Envato Elements fancy getting involved), but this impressive teaser will have you wishing it was hitting Netflix soon. A childhood accident involving his sister leaves Billy neglected, abandoned, and locked away from the world. As the years roll by, Billy’s grip on reality begins to disintegrate. Unable to endure another second of imprisonment, Billy escapes the only home he can remember and seeks a bloody family reunion. To the full credit of the editors, Billy looks better than a lot of the direct to DVD horrors unleashed on shelves every week.

Stock Footage sites are a great resource for any filmmaker’s toolkit as it can add production value to any project (when used correctly). However, assembling a pretty rocking fake movie trailer is something I’ve not seen before, and this promises to be the first of many ambitious offerings from The Stock Footage Sketch Show. You can catch up with previous episodes by visiting their website, or follow them on Facebook.

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