The Untethered Geek Presents: The Worst Movie Posters of All Time: The Accidental Husband

The Untethered Geek is back with a new microphone and a new regular video series that takes a look at the Worst Movie Posters of all time! Movie posters used to be works of art, now thanks to Photoshop and lazy studio executives, the art of poster design is in decline. Gone are the days where a poster for a coming attraction was something to behold, as the age of high-quality content at our fingertips rages on, the “that’ll do” approach to poster making grips hold of the industry.

From big blockbusters to low-budget revenge movies, no film genre is left unturned in the quest to find movie posters that didn’t try hard enough. In the first new episode, The Untethered Geek aims at the 2008 ‘romantic comedy” The Accidental Husband starring Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Colin Firth. To give you a taste of what the marketing team came up with, here is one of the numerous posters they threw together.

I mean, somebody got paid to make that, cash money changed hands, taxes were paid, this poster was made without any jest and, despite appearances, wasn’t made for an elaborate prank. Either that or it was made by a baby, a newborn baby who has never seen a film, a computer or understands how hands work. What is very admirable about this poster is that none of the cast look that jazzed to be there, and there is a strong whiff of these are all images from other movies spliced together.

Shockingly, the studio kept making more poster for The Accidental Husband, and at no time did they make something that comes close to being described as good. If you’d like to see the full range of truly awful posters for a truly awful film, then click on the video below. There will be new episodes every week, so be sure to like, subscribe and comment if you enjoy the episode.

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