The War From Tomorrow Trailer

The war from tomorrow begins today….next Thursday at the latest….or now….whenever is good for you really.

From the makers of Legend of the Alleyman comes the highly ambitious Sci-fi actioner The War From Tomorrow. The highly anticipated movie that does not star Chris Pratt and isn’t available on Amazon, had a difficult time making it to the big screen. In The War From Tomorrow, worlds and timelines collide in a last ditch attempt to save the world from devastation.

While plot details remain under wraps, the $350 million budgeted four hour epic started filming back in 2019, but after filming just a single frame they were shut down as after barely a day on set they were already six months behind and more than $500 million over budget.

While it remains a mystery how that’s even possible, the key take home here is the producers of the movie signed up for a reasonably priced membership to a stock footage website and made the bizzare decision to complete the movie using stock footage. In a year that has seen the way TV and films are made and watched has changed, a feature film made from stock footage sounds like it might just be crazy enough to work. The War From Tomorrow is released on NotReallyAFlix on August 32nd .

Oh, wait a second, I’ve just been informed that this is actually a trailer made from those occasionally inventive folks over at The Stock Footage Sketch Show. Which is a Sketch Show series made from stock footage. Well, I’ve written this post now so……


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