Transformers 5 Gets A Title

transformers the last knight

If you were amongst the millions of people who were responsible for making Age of Extinction a $1.1 billion hit, then you’ll be thrilled to discover that Transformers 5 has an official title.

A brief Instagram video treated us to the shiny face of Optimus Prime for ten full seconds before revealing the underwhelming title of Transformers The Last Knight. Despite promising to depart the franchise for the last three movies, Michael Bay returns to direct for the fifth time, and I for one have given up any hope for a good live-action Transformers adaptation. Actually, credit where credit is due, the first one was entertaining and was filled with promise for the future of the franchise. Oh, how wrong we were.

There are big plans for the Transformers franchise with up to six new movies on the cards, so far they’ve announced a Bumblebee spin-off and a Cybertron set prequel. The Last Knight will see Mark Wahlberg return as the implausibly named Cade Yaeger, and he’ll be joined by Transformers veteran Josh Duhamel, who will reprise his role from the first three movies as Major Lennox. The casting announcements don’t end there; Tyrese Gibson is also keen to return after sitting out Age of Extinction, and he has launched an internet campaign to get Michael Bay to include him.

Without wishing to sound disparaging towards a major motion picture franchise, but I’m so far beyond caring about this franchise I’m wondering why I am writing this news post.

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to be released on June 23, 2017.

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