Tremors 5 Arrives On DVD This October


After a break of 11 years, Michael Gross is back as Burt Gummer in an all new DTV Tremors sequel that you had no idea was even a thing. The giant, man-eating Graboids are back and even deadlier than before, terrorizing the inhabitants of a South African wildlife reserve as they attack from below-and above.

Kevin Bacon recently gave fans of the original Tremors hope for a meaningful sequel, speaking at a screening of his movie Cop Car, Bacon teased he would be happy to wear the hat of Valentine McKee once again.

“I can’t address it directly, but I would say that this is the only character that I’ve played, that I would like to see what happens to that guy, 25 years later.”

Okay, that might not be a solid foundation to base any speculation over a theatrically released Tremors sequel, but at least Bacon is open to the idea. I have a lot of love for the original movie, even the direct to DVD sequels are entertaining in a cheesy kind of way. Fred Ward returned for Tremors 2: Aftershocks alongside Michael Gross, and since then it has been Gross flying the flag of the franchise. He even starred in the short-lived Tremors TV series, now there’s an idea! How about a brand new TV show with added shavings of Bacon back as Val McKee, now that I would tune in to watch.

Tremors 5: Bloodlines also stars Jamie Kennedy and is released on DVD/Blu-ray October 6th.

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