Twisters The Real Story Review

Ahead of the release of the highly-anticipated Twisters, the thrilling documentary Twisters The Real Story is out now on Home Entertainment.

In this engaging documentary from writer-director Robin Bextor (The Exorcist: Untold), meteorologists Dr. Pete Inness and Paul Knightley, along with noted storm chaser Paul Botten and film critic Rich Cline, combine their expertise to provide a comprehensive look into the world of tornadoes. They delve into the scientific aspects of tornado formation, the tangible impact on communities, and the ongoing drive to comprehend these natural phenomena. Plus, Hollywood’s continued fascination with extreme weather and the enduring popularity of the original 90s movies.

Get ready for a breathtaking look at the world of storm chasing, the science that tracks live tornadoes, and a gripping, real-life account of the pursuit of one of mother nature’s most awe-inspiring yet deadly phenomena. Far from a thrilling adventure, it sheds light on the sobering reality of the immense loss and devastation that tornadoes can bring. The film delves into recent tornado occurrences, including the recent events at Little Rock, Arkansas. One particularly stark sequence highlights the sheer scale of the damage as a drone slowly pans around the debris.

Running at a breezy 57 minutes, the documentary packs a lot in, including the full teaser trailer for the original Twister and its incoming standalone sequel.There’s just the right balance between the science and the jaw-dropping images of active tornadoes that look like they belong in a blockbuster movie.

Featuring some compelling footage (especially towards the end) of tornadoes from various corners of the world, Twisters The Real Story is an enjoyable and occasionally poignant addition to the world of tornado documentaries.

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